16 Ways on how to increase girth

Would you like to increase your penile girth? Most men across the globe face the problem of increasing penile girth. Many adverts portray misleading information knowingly that you can increase penile girth overnight, which is not valid unless by surgery. But it is possible to find genuine ways on how to increase girth. There are several exercises and natural ways that act to increase girth. The article below describes how you can improve your penile girth.

  • Squeezing

Squeezing is the most efficient and more comfortable way of increasing penile girth. Make sure your penis is erect, then hold your penis in a way that OK grip occurs. Hold the index finger and thumb together, then start squeezing towards the upper part slowly. Stop when you are about to reach the glans. Usually, do this twice in a single day, and you will start noting some change. You can combine this with blood flow supplements.

  • Penis pumps

Penis pumps play a crucial role in pumping air from the penis. The vacuum space created in tissues is likely to be filled by blood, making the penis swell. Continuous use of this method results in increasing your penile girth.

  • A daily cup of coffee for sex

Coffee comes with significant impacts on penile girth. Coffee acts to curb erectile dysfunctioning and to improve blood flow, thus increasing penile girth. Make sure you take three cups of coffee daily.

  • Clamping for penile girth

Clamping will increase the penile girth over time. To clamp, tie the erected part of the penis. Erection makes sure blood doesn’t leave the penis. The tied tissues become rigid, and as time goes, your penis girth will increase.

  • Body fitness

Proper body fitness not only leads to a healthy life but impacts a positive attitude towards your sex life. Improvements in sex are likely to result in increased penile girth and can be combined with supplements for blood flow for excellent results.


  • Jelqing

You can do jelqing when the penis is partially erect. It serves to regulate the amount of blood in the tissues. To perform jelqing, make sure your penis is partially erect, then start by stroking it. Hold your penis to form an OK grip, apply pressure, then push upwards up to the glans. For incredible increase of penile thickness, perform this activity ten minutes a day, and you will notice significant changes. It is one of techniques to use if you are looking for natural ways on how to increase girth.

  • Use of spinach

You may not be aware that spinach boosts testosterone components in the blood. Spinach produces folic acid that ensures sufficient blood flow and proper erection, thus acting to increase girth.

  • Use of professors’ formula

As stated by a Columbia University professor, you can use less than a minute to increase penile girth. The formula is attached to the most fantastic outcome. The uniqueness of blend components in this formula serves a significant role in increasing penile girth. With this method, there is a prolonged-lasting penile increase, and it’s more effective than any other form of treatment.

  • Stretch your penis

Stretching is only using your hand to increase your penile girth. This method is efficient and affordable for many people. By stretching, a micro-tear occurs in the tissues, and as the tissues heal, the penis increases in girth. To extend your penis, Attach the penis pump to the tip; an erection is an automatic result; thus, continuous stretching increases penile girth.

  • Use of Oats

Oats are the most common foods that promote sex. The L-arginine in oats treats erectile dysfunction and improves the relaxation of penile vessels, thus bringing a significant impact on erection, leading to increased penile girth. This is how to increase girth by eating the right foods.

  • Trim your pubes

Trimming your private hair will make you see a larger penis. The scientific concept of using a lawnmower is also applicable here. You must cut hairs around the penis to get a clear view of your penis.

  • Surgery

Surgery is the most ultimate solution to increase penile girth, only that it is not affordable for many people. It takes less than ten minutes to increase the girth using surgery. With this method, doctors inject fats from other body parts into the penis.

  • Edging

Edging is merely masturbating up to when you are about to reach ejaculation. This method comes with incredible results. More erection makes more blood and nutrients to be supplied to the penis, thus increasing girth.

  • Banish the stomach

A large stomach makes a man appear to have a small penis. Use blood flow to make your erections strong and long lasting.   Thus reduce your belly for better results.

  • Extenders

Extenders play a significant role in increasing penile girth. It is simply adding weight to the penis. Traction is the most efficient form of the extender. Using traction for six months is likely to have significant results in increasing the penile girth.

  • Pills and lotions

There are claims that clinical pills increase penile girth, although this may not be clear. The drugs and lotions have hormones that improve penile girth.


It is possible to increase the girth of the male sexual organ without going under the knife. You can use supplements for blood flow and get the desired results. The best thing you will not experience any soreness or put your life at a risk.  With so many supplements in the market, you will never go short of ways to increase your girth. The above supplements are safe and effective; thus, you can use them to increase your girth.






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