Now people all around the world have been getting obsessed with the notion of losing weight. There are myriads of reasons which instigate them to lose weight. Body shaming is predominantly one of the reasons. To look attractive and under peer pressure, most of the adolescents tend to get inclined to this idea for avoiding body shaming, but this cannot always be the paramount reason. Others want to procure it for their happiness to lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, a balanced diet always leads to a healthy living standard.


We are always impatient when it comes to weight loss. The question often arises of how to get skinny fast. The undermentioned instructions will answer this frequently asked question:

Drinking-Water Regularly:

Water is essential for our kidneys and bladder by preventing kidney stones and a high risk of bladder infections. Balanced water intake might not only clear your skin but also help you to lose weight fast. Drinking water before your meal is more preferable because in this way you may eat less due to the rapid sensation of fullness.


  • Eating Fiber-Rich Foods:

Consuming fiber-rich foods may lead to increased fullness and satiety, and reduced appetite. One of the fibers known as viscous fiber which is primarily present in beans, oranges, oat cereals, and flax seeds may help you consume few calories. These may play a vital role in losing weight.


  • High protein Intake:

High protein intake always leads to loss of appetite and hunger. This is because protein activates those hormones which play vital roles in hunger and fullness. Protein diets help in achieving increased fullness with the intake of a few calories, which is a plus point for everyone embarking on the journey to weight loss. High-protein meals include yogurt, eggs, almonds, meat, etc.


  • Low Carbohydrate Diet:

If we take a normal diet with low calories that is not enough because even if the diet has high carbohydrates which may cause sugar levels to rise or drop, making you fatigued and hungry. If you take a low-carb diet, there would be not enough sugar so instead, our body will try to burn our fat which results in significant weight loss. Instead of taking chips and cookies, you can switch to other delicious snacks like milk chocolate, baked cheese straws, popcorn, and berries.

  • Avoid Sugary Drinks:

The answer to the question of how to get skinny fast lies in avoiding sugary drinks. The intake of carbonated soft drinks is the key contributor to obesity. This is because these beverages contain a high content of sugar which further leads to low satiety. Replacing your soft drink with a glass of water will prove to be more beneficial instead of gulping a glass of soft drink with each meal.


  • Exercise:

“No pains, no gains. “Almost all of us in our lives have come across this popular proverb at any phase. It indicates that we need to put up some handwork and efforts to achieve our desired goal. Similarly, we need to move our body by exercising regularly to burn fat and reduce obesity. These exercises may include walking, jogging, planks, squats, cycling, swimming, etc.



Many people are subjected to such health risks due to which they cannot follow the scheduled exercises. People often ask this question of how to lose weight without exercise. Therefore, following are some diet plans which they can follow without breaking a sweat and still attain their goal:

  • Slow Eating:

Scientifically, it has been proven that slow-eaters are less likely to be obese. Chewing food slowly may lead to rapid fullness and reduced food intake because our jaws do more work as compared to fast-eating and hence we can quickly feel bloated or full.


  • Reduce the Size of Plate:

Always try to serve yourself with small-sized spoons, plates, and portions of food. Psychologically, you tend to eat more when using larger plates and spoons because in this way we lose track of our meal-intakes. Likewise, smaller food portions would help us to lose weight significantly without even noticing the difference.


  • Keep Unhealthy Foods Out of Sight:

Whenever going out for grocery shopping, always remember to incorporate healthy items in your list and eradicate the unhealthy ones. In this way, you will only get to see the healthy items in your kitchen and refrigerator. Even if you feel like eating, you will only be able to take unprocessed/healthy meals.


  • Electronic Distractions:

Electronic gadgets may inadvertently cause you to overeat. Whenever you are binge-watching a season or playing a video game, you are more likely to overeat because you lose track of your meals, that how many calories you are consuming within that stipulated time. This will chiefly answer one of the most asked questions of how to lose weight without exercise.


  • Record your Calories:

In order to avoid the aforementioned problem, it is high time to incorporate a food journal along with your diet plan. We need to keep track of our intake of calories so that we may know how many calories we can reward ourselves with. This is one of the interesting ways of avoiding obesity because psychologically, consciousness may lead to better decision making.


  • Weigh Yourself:

You need not shy away whenever it comes to weighing yourself. In addition to a well-planned food journal, keeping track of your weight is always a blessing. This will help you to record your weight daily in order to feel conscious. This tip is of supreme importance as it makes us decisive too.



The questions like how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks or how to lose 10 pounds in a week have been asked ubiquitously. The following short articles will answer all such questions:

  • Use of Boiled Eggs for weight loss:

As we have already discussed in the aforementioned headings that protein-rich diets always lead to rapid weight losses because of the increased sensations of fullness. Boiled eggs contain low carbohydrates, high contents of protein, and nutrients which may lead to reduced appetite and faster weight loss. Always try to eat only egg whites and not the yolk because the yolk might serve fruitful in gaining weight, and not losing it. The diet including egg whites will help you to lose muscle mass and burn fat. You can have three egg whites in each meal, i.e; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do not forget to maintain the water intake along with it. Avoid eating poached or scrambled eggs because they require oil which would serve as a source of inconvenience for us by aiding in weight gain. If you tend to easily get exhausted by the same meal each day, you can always switch to other meals considering that they are primarily egg-based. Whenever you want to go for the keto-egg diet then you can have cheese and butter with eggs as they will help in producing ketones which are required for ketogenic diets. The egg diets may also lead to higher risks of heart failure, food allergies coupled with low-calcium intake, and low contents of fiber. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a medical specialist before starting any diet plan. Consequently, this diet-plan answers our question of how to lose 20 pounds in two weeks.


  • Importance of Apples:

The intake of medium-sized apples along with the egg-diet plan can serve as icing on the cake. You have been listening the phrase “An apple in a day keeps the doctor away.” since our childhood. The reason is that it is always desirable to incorporate the intake of apples in our daily life routine. Apples contain high contents of those fibers which help to attain the feeling of fullness with low consumption of calories. This in turn helps you to feel satisfied and at peace. With this in mind, they also contain Vitamin C which boosts up your immune system. Furthermore, apples reduce the absorption of sugar, starch and minimize the cholesterol levels which consequently help in burning the fat in order to lose weight. Hence, we can say that apples serve as a major assist to our weight-loss journey with little to no side effects. This cannot always be the case. We still need to consult a physician or a medical expert before starting this diet-plan.


  • How Fresh Juices help in weight loss?

Juicing is the most convenient way to lose weight because it requires minimal effort. Fresh juices of various vegetables and fruits contain low contents of fat and carbs but high contents of nutrients. So whenever we feel fatigued or worn out we can always consider a glass of fresh juice as our meal. It not only helps to reduce our appetite with low consumption of fat or protein but will also aid in detoxifying the body. These juices will always keep us hydrated and cool. In addition to detoxification, they increase bile secretion which serves as an aid in weight loss. We can also have fresh juices of mixed fruits or mixed vegetables. These juices primarily include carrot juice, watermelon juice, cucumber juice, cabbage juice, beetroot juice, etc. The diet consisting of apples and eggs might make your skin mundane and tiresome, so the intake of fresh juices can always boon our diet-plans. In this way, you can easily get the answer to your question of how to lose 10 pounds in a week.

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